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You will get addicted to studying


You will get addicted to studying

Brother, what should I do? Attention is repeatedly going to the mobile. The effect of the motivation discussion lasts no more than two to five minutes. Friend 14-25 years is the age when your life will not be built or life will be ruined. Friend, ask me a question today, what will I do with my life? What do I want to do in life? And how many days will hang on the neck of parents. And how many days on them survive by becoming dependent. What day will come, The day you support them. One thing to keep in mind, To be a king, one needs to have the ability to work harder than the tenants. And to brighten yourself, you need to have the ability to withstand the heat like the sun. The excuse you keep making for small reasons will be read today or tomorrow, Not this time and I will read this afternoon. But how many more days will you spend your time in this way.

The time will come when all the opportunities will go away and you will have a lot of responsibilities. Think about the days when you can waste time like today and think of those who have high hopes for you. Brother, I’m talking about your parents. Those who have dreamed a lot about you. They are willing to do anything for you. And you don’t want to read five minutes. Think about what you want to do today, Or else life would have thought what he would do to you. Delete all those things from mobile, Those that have no connection with your life. Many people think that I am too weak to study. Hey brother, try a little more. And because of that effort, if you can solve even a small problem, That confidence will come into you, Felix. Which will force you to solve five more problems. Failure calls for a competition.

Failure calls for a competition. Admit it see what went wrong. And try to solve it. As long as you can be successful there day and night, Wherever you are drowning. You should never run away from the competition. Life never changes without conflict. And those who try again and again never fail. Find out one or the other motivation that makes you sit down to read. Brother, there must be a dream in everyone’s life. He is willing to do anything to fulfill that. I do not know what is your dream? But I’m sure you’re reading this discussion despite having so much discussion on Google, Then there is something special in you that is now in the form of a tiny seed that will go on to take the shape of a very large breast. Believe it, even if it is a lie. I don’t know who you are but I know that if you try, one day you will be a big man. Will be able to establish his name in the society. You don’t have to be graded to start a job. But to get a grade, it is necessary to start a job. Believe in yourself that you can do whatever you want.

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