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You go! 💥 I’m fine without you


You go! 💥 I’m fine without you

I can’t forget him. I have tried a lot. I blocked him on Facebook and WhatsApp. But I can’t live without him. Every day I think I will forget him. But no, I keep calling him again. I keep begging for love from him again and again. But he does not reply to me. I started smoking. Yes i drink too So that I can forget him. But I can’t forget him. On the contrary, I remember him very well.

You say I forgot him. It is very easy to say but very difficult to do. I loved him so much that I gave up everything for him. Just for her happiness, I strangled my dream. Yes, he loved me. We had a great time together. He promised me. That he will never leave me. But now he left me for another boy. He finished everything and left. But I still love him. I am waiting for him. Today I love him very much. I cry a lot when I think of him. I don’t want to survive. Yes i understand He cheated on me and left. But I still love him. I can’t forget her love. I can’t laugh at myself anymore. There is nothing happy in my life. I will die myself But I can’t forget him. Yes i will die But I can’t forget him. Can’t forget Can’t forget Can’t forget….

Abe! Your dialogue is over. Listen now! You can’t forget him. So don’t forget. And that’s how you keep begging. Why smoking and alcohol? Start taking drugs and cocaine. End your life. And every day, like a dog to him, keep barking. And as long as self respect survives, Get rid of them too. And make yourself intoxicated. And you know what will happen after that. He will smile when he sees you. And say leave this unemployed boy, Really well done. And that can’t control itself, How did he handle me? That his family can’t live for their parents, How could he please me? After saying all this, She will make her new boyfriend live better. And you will continue to hate more. Take a look at yourself. You will hate yourself. And listen! And after all this crying and if it comes back to you, So can you be happy with him? Not at all! Hey, your life will be like a dog. You will be different from everyone else. But why am I telling you these things? You just get drunk. And make your mother cry. And keep ending your life. As if people said he was a boy like a tiger. But that boy died like a dog for a little love.

Listen now! Close your eyes. And learn to recognize yourself. See, self-respect is still alive in you. If there is still a warrior among you. If courage still flows in your blood, Then get up!
Go in front of the mirror. Keep an eye on yourself And promise yourself, I will never beg for love in front of him again. You keep working on yourself. Stick to your passion. Make your dream come true. Hey, he doesn’t want to be your life partner. Will he let you go? You will let him go. Such a day will come, The day he sees you, he will hate himself. GYM join body building. Make hard work your hobby every day. And listen! When I said that you have to forget him. I’m telling him you have to leave. Don’t forget him. You have to remember him. The deception he gave. All the troubles given by him must be kept in mind. He used you. This time you use the money he gave you. And conquer the whole world. And whenever this hatred, this anger, continues to subside, Then you go to his Facebook profile. See her photo. Look at the comments in the photo. How happy you are to cry and smile. Look at that. And make this rag your own motivation. Because you still have to climb a lot. And it takes a lot of motivation to get to the top. Promise yourself that all the time you’ve wasted behind him This time I will use that time to build myself. The time you took care of him. This time with his mother, Mother made gem. So successful that, As if one day I will say, It would be great if you could go back to him. You have to make yourself so beautiful. As if she is ashamed to sleep with her current boyfriend. Yes, you can. Because you are not a loser. You are a hero now. And heroes never beg for love. Again from the deceptive lightning. It can’t be. Focus on your dreams. Give yourself importance. Conquer the world. Write history. Become a brand and show it to him. His real akat. And you know it well, This is not an easy task. But the boss that works hard, People call him a hero. And listen! Don’t type the message to him. Go to Google and type how to make a good body. Don’t think about how to get him back. To his family, Think about how to get back to yourself. So successful that As if afraid to stand in front of you. To meet you, When he stands in front of your huge house, Then your security guard will chase him away. Call you You will not receive calls, Your manager will receive the call. And say sir is busy in the meeting now. Take your lifestyle to a place where, As if he would see and burn and blossom like Luchi. You don’t suffer for him. When headlines about you in every newspaper, Float in front of his eyes. Oh, you are an artist. A better love story than her, You can do it with anyone else. Hey you Royal Bengal Tiger. He will cry this time. Just keep having fun this time. And one day he will come in front of you and beg for love. Then what would you say to him? I would say let’s go.

Friends will not be slaves, Become a fan slave. Show everyone that you are also a superhero.

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