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Who are you? I hate you i don’t love you


Who are you? I hate you i don’t love you

GF:- I told you I didn’t love you. Why are you disturbing me by calling me again and again like a child?

BF:- Listen! I didn’t call you to show love. I want to talk to you today for the last time. If you are out of the house, come into the house, because you can turn your head and fall when you hear me.  So listen, I loved you more than myself.

I gave up everything in your affair. I was so blind to your love that I forgot my own power.

I loved you so much no one can take it away. That’s why I used to talk to everyone, your are no my Girlfriend, you are my wife. I left friends and family at your word; Now I see I was wrong in everything. No matter how much you hate me, I will forget you. I will achieve the result by remembering your false love. I won’t go back to your way, Today the sky is covered with clouds, If you ever remember, look back, I want to go back to the campus of that college today, Where my dearest friends are.

There were friends so everything was random, The color of life came back with their arrival today. I bet with myself after thinking a lot. Girl like you, I agree to leave 100 girls for my friends. Babu, you ate, you slept, you did a lot of drama. I have no love only hate for you. I know you are walking around now with him Boy with KTM.

See, one day it will be booked just for me SBI ER ATM. I am very poor So you broke up and left. I know it. Devadas will not be your breakup return gift. You keep raising Ambani boyfriends, I will increase the degree. I will soon realize my difference with KTM Boy. you are playing with the love of many boys.

And they are wandering around with money, And you think this is the ride. Suddenly the day will come when everything will be black and white.  I will forget your love and live anew. I will not hide and cry anymore. I will laugh very loudly. I will erase the stain of your love by dreaming, There is hatred towards you, there is no anger. You didn’t say you didn’t want to see my face anymore.

Okey Fine Don’t look. TV, newspapers, YouTube, Facebook, whatever you open after a few days, just look at my face. Find your own mistake, find me, face. Then when I become a millionaire in Audi IR BMW, Then you will think I will forget everything and come back to you. I’m not making the same mistake as before because my career is much more expensive than yours.

I will not take revenge; I will show myself to change. I have wanted to be a millionaire since childhood. If you suddenly remember, call by name. I took the appoint letter from my peon two days ago

. Let’s go.

The most important thing in life is career. So Devadas is not deceived by someone’s love, Show yourself to be a millionaire. Share these words with him who played with your love.

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