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Who are you, How much do you know yourself?


Who are you, How much do you know yourself?

What have you come to do in this world?

How much do you know yourself?

Who are you?

When do you get lost? When you lose confidence in yourself. When you feel worthless. When you think of yourself as small. When you think of yourself as insignificant. When you get hurt,
When your own people betray you. When someone of your own neglects you. You get hurt when you lose your favorite thing. I’m not talking about physical pain. Because the physical pain will end in a while. But if the scars of mental wounds remain in you, Then that stain will remain for the rest of your life. That is, mental anguish will bother you for life. You love someone then, When he finds you in it. When you dream about him. When he’s in trouble, you’re in trouble. In his joy, you find joy. Then you realize that you have fallen in love with him. When will you feel strong, When you do something good. When you do something impossible. When thousands of people will applaud your good works. Then think of yourself as strong. You and I are all human beings. Anger, pride, love, sorrow, suffering are all present in us. I didn’t tell you, Think of yourself as small because of the reasons you suffer. So from now on when these factors will be confronted,  Then don’t be afraid, And for that reason, You feel strong, You feel like a hero, Try to find those reasons. Friend, you know that our life is a beautiful gift from God. Try to use this gift properly. Life is a thing where there is no second change. That means we will not be given any second chance. And the world is such a place, No one will remember you when you left. Remember your good works. Yes, your own people will suffer and cry, But only for a short time. Then they will forget you too. They too will return to normal life. This is the rule of law. So it is wise to accept the reality. God sent us for one purpose or another. So we will try to understand that purpose. The one above does not send anyone empty handed. Sent with the ability to do something in everyone. So give a little dignity to this God-given gift of life. I came to the world, I ate, I gave, I wandered, I spread my family, I died at the end, there is no profit. No one will remember. Remember your work, your usage. Remember your talent. The gift that you will give to the world. That will be on your head forever as the crown of your next generation. Friends, try to know yourself first. Learn to understand yourself. Nothing will remain unknown. Nothing will be impossible anymore. You can do everything you want.

Because you are a super human.

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