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This is how you waste your precious time

Brother, you have come. I was waiting for you,  Shooting just about anything, we waste our time. So from today we should stop those activities. The most valuable thing at the time. Because time goes by and you can’t get it back. So wasting time unnecessarily is not wise at all. But – in many cases we waste our time unknowingly. So let’s see what we do to waste time.

Number (1) To study the subject of dislike. Many times our family or relatives are also under pressure, we have to choose some career options. Which we totally dislike. But we are helpless and have to pass three to five years reluctantly. Then you have to get into a general job for which there was no need for such a big qualification. So there was no need to do the study that was done for these five years. ‍This is the way to choose a disliked career, not only a big time is wasted, but also the careers of many boys and girls.

Number (2) to do the work of others. A lot of times you will see your friends do strange things to you. Just like if your handwriting is good then get the practical work done with you. If you can draw a good picture, you can draw page after page with you. There is no profit in doing those things, Hour after hour is wasted day after day. It is better to help friends by writing names on their notebooks. But it is foolish for them to do the whole practical work. Because they can write too. Yet they are using you to save time. Spending your precious time behind them. so be careful from now on. Ishwar Chandra Vidya Sagar says that it is wrong to do the work that can be done by oneself with someone else.  From now on when someone tries to use you to save their time, Then you will give them this gift of Vidya Sagar. I have a question for you – should you waste your time and do the work of others? Let me know your opinion.

Number (3) Day dreaming. Who doesn’t like to dream. And everyone should have a dream, big or small. But not just dreaming. As soon as you dream, you have to be engrossed in fulfilling it. Without doing any work, I just dreamed day and night. One day it will happen, one day it will happen, then maybe nothing will happen one day. The only thing that will happen is a waste of time. APJ Abdul Kalam says, dreams are not what you see in your sleep. Dreams are what keep you awake. So from now on don’t waste time just dreaming, Read on to find out. Because if you don’t try to fulfill your dream today, Then tomorrow someone else will come and hire you to fulfill his dream. And your daydream will turn into a nightmare.

Number (4) To complain or blame. To complain, You may not know that we waste our time by complaining and blaming. Because it is very easy to complain or blame. You can get over any problem by blaming others. But in this way you will not get any permanent solution to any problem. Only some of your time will be wasted. Instead, you understand the problem and try to solve it without blaming or complaining to others. Then you can solve your problem without blaming others.

Number (5) What will people think. If your thoughts are what people will say, what people will think, If this happens then you are wasting your time. When we go to do something, we come back thinking about something. As a result, we waste time just thinking about what people will think without working. Which is absolutely stupid to do. From now on you fix. Don’t waste time thinking about others, work on yourself. Friend, if you find these words helpful, then share them with me. Talk to you soon and keep up the good content.

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