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Ukraine still fears Russia attack: Biden


U.S. President Joe Bowden says, Ukraine is still in danger of being attacked by Russia.

Biden says the United States is ready to respond to such attacks by Russia. Russia still has about 1.5 million troops stationed on the border. The BBC quoted a local media outlet as saying. But Russia’s defence minister says, some troops have already been withdrawn. On the withdrawal, Biden said: It is better for the Russian troops to leave, But we haven’t verified yet, Whether Russian military units have returned to their bases. “Our analysts have indicated that, There are still fears of an attack on Russia. The remarks came hours after Russian President Vladimir Putin called for serious consideration of Moscow’s security concerns. The infiltration plan has been denied from the beginning, Russian President Vladimir Putin. He says, Russia does not want another war in Europe. Despite this, tensions in the region have been rising since November.

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