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This is your only fight.


This is your only fight.

Today you want to change yourself. But you are a little scared to do the hard work that you have to do to do that. Today I wish I wouldn’t waste any more time on that mobile phone. But you still can’t leave that six-inch skin. You have to think a lot about your future. But now is not the time to pay attention. And if you think of it as life, I say it is not your life. This is a mistake. Life is never what you call it. You have the opportunity to be born into this beautiful world. You have the opportunity to build your life in a beautiful way. But now you are ignoring them and giving more importance to mobile phones and friends. I wouldn’t say that friends mean bad things.

But yes friend does not mean that you will always be guided. Your life is in your hands today. You can make it hell if you want. Again, if you want, you can make it a paradise. But if you are afraid and do not want to face obstacles, It won’t take long for your life to go to hell. If you think that I can succeed without any risk for my dream without working hard, then friend, this is your wrong idea. Because if it could have been successful in this way, so many people would not be unemployed today. You can never make your dream come true without hard work. The sooner you understand this, the sooner you will succeed. And as long as there is this misconception that, My time will definitely change, as long as you stay in that hope. Because time will change when you change it. If you have no ability to do anything in life, You have to die all your life with the hope that one day my time will change. Time is not a slave to anyone, he does not listen to anyone. If you are in a bad situation this society will never want you to get up again. This society will want to take you further down. But they can’t get down.

If you try every moment to overcome all obstacles. This is the effort and hard work that can change the time to overcome all obstacles. So stop drowning yourself in misconceptions today. Your life will never change unless you change. If you are waiting today for something to happen. Then you have to wait. And if you put away all hope today and just sell the hard work and effort, Nice will happen in your life. This time it’s up to you, you don’t want to be a loser. If you want to be a loser, you don’t have to work hard. But to be a winner, you have to work hard and wait a while.

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