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The power of struggle 💥


The power of struggle 💥

Think you’ve got it all, Whatever you want. Without any hard work, Without any difficult challenge or without any difficult struggle. Many people think it’s good, But don’t think about it, how weak you are becoming. And right after that, whenever there’s a problem in your life, You never know how to handle it. Because you have never been in such a difficult situation, Which will make you stronger. You could never have evolved without a struggle. You will never be strong, Without any strong. Without any discomfort. Without any hard work. Suffering is your friend. Maybe for the moment but for the next. For your mental evolution. For your long term benefit. The pain of being transformed into a strong human being is your friend. If you do not feel discouraged, your energy will decline. Fear will surround you. Anxiety will lead you astray. You can’t be strong. You can’t be brave. You will never be able to express sympathy. And how can you? All these qualities are created from mental anguish. From struggle to hard work. You are tortured because you have to deal with it.

You have been given this life because you are strong enough to live in it. Strong enough to run into it. Strong enough to improve on it and inspire others. So that others may see you and say that the boy has succeeded or that the girl has succeeded. That means I have all those strengths and I can. You are infinitely more powerful than you think. You still have to deal with it. Now you are reading this discussion at the moment. And you will handle all that, Which are about to come to the fore. But from now on, when the struggle comes in your life, I want you to curse your destiny. Rather you know it was sent, For a reason and as a learning chapter. Maybe it will make you stronger. Maybe it will make you more patient. Maybe or you will improve the character one step further. There is definitely a reason. So don’t panic or give up. You came to this earth with a purpose. And then you can find it, As you continue to learn and become more efficient. It is your struggle that is making you today. Your struggle is your life. Your struggle is your gift. Many look down on the struggle, but remember, Your struggle may be your gift. Which can fascinate the world. The story of a man no one wants to hear who has been given everything.

Rather people want to know, The story of a man or woman who has suffered, And fought and changed his struggle to his own gift. So now you want that, Let people see you and grieve, Or do you just want people to look at you and be inspired? Do you want to be true A legend or an unspoken example. Because such unarmed warriors are born in the valley of struggle. Whatever happened in your past, You are many times bigger than them. And that’s why you got over everything and stood here today. Fear is an imaginary state but real is a struggle. Reality is struggle. So accept the struggle and change the reality. Because whenever you try to avoid the struggle it pushes you back to reality. So your struggle is that road, With the help of which you can reach your bound state. So don’t give a chance to any second thoughts that are trying to take you away from the struggle. Never blame others, For your own problems. Learn to fight your own battle. It’s a new day. A whole new day and you are an infinite power boundless.

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