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The Life fight


The Life fight

Little by little the darkness is sinking, The big dreams he saw. One by one it is breaking down. He thinks he will lose this time. What everyone said may come true this time. Even though his morale is intact today, his courage is like a mountain today. But despite the pressure of time and circumstances, Not letting him get up Grinding him on the ground. Seeing this, others who are more afraid than courage, Those who do not have the courage to do something new. Those who do not want to go for fear of failure, They’re smiling at him today, he’s wrong, And wanting to prove themselves right. Demonstrating their power, But they are forgetting whether he is injured or weak. Or absolutely silent. The fire burning inside his chest has not yet been extinguished. Seeing him weak and injured today, everyone thinks that he has lost. He will never be able to get up again. He himself knows that he is losing. But that doesn’t mean he can lose. No matter how difficult the time, no matter how bad the situation, he believes he can change all that. Because to do something endlessly in his chest, The yoke that is bursting, there is no word for impossible. Honesty, devotion, faith, trust, respect, integrity are his religion. He knows how to fight, But he got a little hurt while fighting with fate.


But still not dead. The hunger to do something big has not gone away from him yet. He has gathered all his strength. Trivializing body injuries, With strength of mind and courage, He got up on his feet again. This time he started doing something like this, walking on one foot and two feet, Everyone is going to be surprised to see that. Those who thought he had lost. Those who thought he could never get up again. They are now looking at him in amazement. It is as if thousands of other boys have rekindled the light of hope. Gave the courage to make the impossible possible. Taught to walk a new path through thousands of obstacles, Then his wounds gave him a voice that, Time is short, and you still have a long way to go. So whatever happens, There is no question of stopping? No matter how many are in front of the mountain of problems. Not afraid of anything and just running. Because blood is boiling in his body. He is a great warrior, he is terribly brave, He took Muthu in his fist, Today it has become completely fearless. He prepares himself in the right direction, It is increasing its speed. Now his mind and heart are working together. Now the only goal he wants to achieve is, To complete it. He will stay up all night for her. He will do whatever it takes to give up. He will do as he pleases. 3 Whatever he has to endure, he will do. And he runs every day to do all that. One day it took a leap to run, The wheel of fortune was forced to turn. The value of every moment of hard work for so long has come and gone. The poor, the helpless, broke these words into pieces. And threw them in the face of those cowards. The cowards who made fun of him one day.

Those who had beaten him with words. Standing up again with strength from that wound, This time he has shown victory to everyone. If the wound is very deep, There is nothing left to lose. Death comes and waits. Then blind to fear, And meditate in the right place. Embrace every opportunity, Start the last battle of your every dream with the chain of your own hard work. Do it or die. Survive those few moments till your last breath. As if you don’t give up on anything. As if we are not lagging behind in anything. Because you have to prove your courage in front of these cowards. And you have to do a lot of things in your life before you die. The lion is the most dangerous animal in the world. But even more dangerous is a wounded lion. So don’t panic, The more you get hurt, Only then will you be able to recognize your own strength.

Friend I am 100% sure, The people you see, the powerful people you know, have the power in them. You also have some kind of power. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. I know you can if you try. If you have this faith,

Get started.

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