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Simple office makeup look

simple eye makeup for office

Quick and simple office look, Get ready in just 5 steps

Life has changed with the times. Nowadays girls don’t confine themselves to four walls, He has come a long way because of his ability and willpower. The rise of women in the corporate sector has increased, He is strengthening his position in the field of employment by taking care of his family and children. Everyone is busy in the morning. He has to be ready for the office, If you want to present yourself confidently, you have to be neat, Isn’t it? Today’s article is about Quick and Simple Office Look. How to be ready easily and in less time, I will share some great tips for that today.

What does the office look depend on?

Complete office look depends on the environment, type of work, office culture etc. In many offices, the formal dress code must be maintained. Again, it is seen that in many offices, casual clothes are more popular. Regardless of the dress code, present yourself a little neatly with simple and minimal makeup. You will see that it will boost the confidence level, Your positive image will also be created in the office. If there is a celebration or event in the office, In that case a little heavy makeup can be done. Simple or neat getup is good for any presentation or meeting.

Get ready for the office right away:

Clean your face thoroughly with face wash in the morning. Then use the toner of your choice. The next step is to apply moisturizer. The most important part of morning skin care is applying sunscreen. Apply sunscreen not only on the face, but also on the part of the body that is exposed to the hands, feet and throat. Busy, Basic Morning Skin Care is done! It takes very little time, only 5 minutes but enough. If you want to get healthy skin, you have to take care of it, right? After taking the skin preparation, now decorate yourself very neatly in a short time. Take a look at the steps.

Quick and simple office look

1) Beige makeup will be very natural:

For regular office look, BB cream or CC cream can be used instead of heavy foundation.
Many people use foundations that provide light and natural coverage. Apply beige makeup with the product of your choice. However, it should be very natural and compatible with skin tone. Do not apply a foundation of a brighter or darker shade, This will have a negative effect on your overall getup. Blend beige makeup very nicely with a wet beauty blender or sponge.

2) You can cover dark circles and pimple spots with concealer:

With the help of makeup, small flaws of the skin can be easily hidden. Many people are embarrassed by the black spots under the eyes. In that case, take a small amount of orange color character and mix it by dab dab under the eyes and on the spots. Then fix the beige makeup with concealer that matches the skin tone. In this case also you can use beauty sponge. The beige makeup is long lasting and smooth.

3) Use of pressed powder or compact powder:

Many people apply sunscreen and complete the beige makeup with Just Powder! If the skin is flawless and healthy then you don’t need color character or foundation for regular look. However, apply pressed powder or compact powder to keep the beige makeup set perfectly. If you have oily skin, you can use loose powder, The oiliness of the skin is very much under control.

4) Eye makeup for quick and simple office look:

Eye makeup will be very simple for a regular office look. You can give thinner eye liner or kajal. Many people like to give mascara even if they don’t give liner. Apply eye makeup according to your preference. However, if the eyebrows are not tidy but the overall look will not be revealed, So shape your eyebrows with a bro pomed or eyebrow pencil.

5) Now apply lipstick and light blush:

Finally, match the dress with matching lipstick. Lip color does not suit too much color in office environment. Better a poor horse than no horse at all. For regular use in the office, brown or nude, pinkish nude, baby pink, brick red or natural shades like these are quite good options. Many people use Just Tinted Lip Balm, It gives a light pink tinge to the lips. If you want, you can apply a very light blush on the cheek, But be careful not to overdo it.

Yes, you are ready for the office. If the hair is short and manageable, you can keep it open, You can twist the front and tie it Or you can take a pony tail. No matter what hairstyle you do, Make sure it doesn’t interfere with your work. Present yourself in a way that enhances your personality. However, refrain from getting a getup that breaks the rules of the office or spoils the environment. So far today.

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