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Self Talk 🔥 // Motivational speech


Self Talk 🔥 // Motivational Speech

What I have to do is get to where I want to be. What do I need to do today? For the man I want to be tomorrow. What I need to do is reach my dream. What should I do now? Every moment you make small decisions in your life. Then you must ask yourself all the powerful questions that, What will I be proud of tomorrow? How would I like to be tomorrow. What do I want to be one that leaves. Or I want to be the one who continues the struggle. What I want to be is someone who runs to the easy. Or I want to be the one who goes through everything. What I want to be is someone who is addicted to temptation. What I want to be, is that one who has moved forward with the chain. Chain! Because the work I do today is worth it for the future. The chain that we are going through today is valuable for many to come. The strong decision I am making today carries pride for many to come. What you need to do today is to show your future. What you need to do now is get to where you want to be. What you need to learn now is how you become what you need to become in order to achieve your desired results. Which issues do you need to focus on the most? What kind of skills do you need to acquire?

You will never reach the next chapter. If you do not know how to do it properly, you can do it for the next chapter. It is very easy to find an easy alternative. It’s very straightforward to show ten kinds of reasoning. Where no one around you is at a high level. None of them reached their maximum level. They have accepted the matter. It’s very easy to become a huge medium sized person. But what is not easy is to work when you do not like to do. What is not easy is to constantly increase one’s self-confidence, one’s own work, one’s own discipline, one’s own desire while others are feeling comfortable. When the destructive voice inside you is telling you, even if it is not very great, it will work. Even if you don’t have too much ambition. These are not for you. And so what is not easy is to dream big and work hard for it. Because most people don’t do these things and most people don’t get them. So what is not easy is to set a big goal that people will think you are a ummah. You can never reach the top of a hill by a straight road. It’s always a high road, an inaccessible road, a challenge. A challenge that creates your strength Your pride Your courage A struggle that builds your character. A skilled tough man made. You can never reach a high place. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. So do all the things that make you the person you need to be. The person you know from the heart. Why do you want to be immortal? Where do you want to see yourself tomorrow? Click on the link below to read the whole discussion. Thanks.

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