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Russia advises Western leaders to seek refuge in psychiatrists


Russia’s Deputy High Commissioner to the United Nations Dmitry Polansky fears attack on Ukraine border, Western leaders have been advised to seek the help of psychiatrists.

The deployment of 100,000 Russian troops on the Ukrainian border, as well as the possibility of an attack at any time, has spread fears among Western leaders. To address that, he made the remarks to Western leaders on Tuesday, NDTV reported. Russia is its neighbour and part of the former Soviet Union, Denies attacking Ukraine. Dmitry Polansky said: “I think Western leaders should seek the help of good doctors. I suggest you see a psychiatrist. ”

“Our troops are on our border and they have not threatened anyone.”

“I am not sure about the number of troops on the Belarusian border,” he said. Although there are different opinions about this number. However, the military exercises in Belarus will end in a week, I don’t know what they will do next. ”  The United Nations on Tuesday asked Moscow for evidence of troop withdrawals after Russia demanded that it withdraw some troops from its border.

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