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In addition to the problem of communication, unfounded fears and moral thoughts are also responsible for the rift in a relationship. If there is a problem about you, first of all you should think about your own thoughts and discuss it with your partner in a completely open manner. Maybe you have a thought in your mind that is always bothering or worrying you. It takes time to solve any problem. But the first thing you need to keep in mind is what kind of thoughts you have about your partner. There are some thoughts that are directly and indirectly responsible for ruining human relationships. Like you may feel that your partner is no longer loving you as before. Maybe he can’t give you time like before. Frequently calling you is not looking for you. Do you love me again and again? Maybe he is expressing annoyance at this question.

This will make your partner really think about whether he loves you or not. This thought was not in his head before. You have made him think again and again. The downside to this is that instead of bothering or embarrassing your partner by repeatedly asking questions, tell him that you are worried about him. You’re worried about him. Because you are not spending too much time at one time. You can often understand why your partner does not understand your needs. You may want to walk hand in hand with your partner in the park. But when you wait, your partner will hold your hand first. One day is very important for you but you are silently waiting for your partner to understand it and do whatever you want. One man never understands what is going on in another man’s head. Your partner will never be able to catch you unless you talk openly about what you want or what you like or dislike. If you want to walk hand in hand, extend your hand, it will make the relationship easier. Tell your partner what is on your mind without trying to act normally by hiding anger or pride in your mind. That’s the decent thing to do, and it should end there. Don’t blame your partner for your upset all the time. No matter what the problem is, we always look down on our own faults and magnify the faults of others. We say it’s all your fault. This behaviour can lead to a very bad relationship.

Instead, learn to take responsibility for any bad situation. This attitude will make you humble if you think you are responsible for this trouble. This is good for your relationship. If you think your partner has been hurt by your behavior, apologize to him or her. By doing this, your partner will also realize that he has also hurt you. We will never be able to stop the situation. We can’t control our anger. But we can control our anger and resentment to handle any negative situation. The wise do not avoid problems. Instead, they try to solve the problem by facing it. Dear friends if you like this discussion then share this discussion with your friends and stay with us to get this kind of discussion.

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