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Record of holding immigrants in Australia for almost 2 years


Australia has set a new record for holding migrant refugees for almost two years. The international human rights organization Human Rights Watch has condemned the incident. The country has been holding refugees for an average of 69 days.

Researchers and refugee law experts say, Not seeing immigration as a punishment, Exceptional measures should be taken to achieve legitimate goals. Matters are arbitrary and illegal.

Human Rights Watch says, An official report from the country in September raised the issue of 69 days of detention of immigrants. Which is a new record and longer duration by Western countries so far. Immigrants are thought to be trapped.

It is learned that at present one thousand 459 people have been arrested. How long will they be detained? Time not specified. Australia is a major source of migration for trawlers.

Human Rights Watch says, Australia has detained 116 people for at least five years. Among them are eight people who have spent more than 12 years in captivity.

The world’s number one player in men’s tennis. Serbian superstar Novak Djokovic is being held captive in an Australian hotel. A month later, Human Rights Watch released the information. Activists say the hotel also housed 32 other refugees.

Novak Djokovic said, ‘If he is pressured to take the covid-19 vaccine He also agreed to give up the upcoming French Open and Wimbledon titles.

Serbian in an exclusive interview with the BBC. The tennis superstar said he was not involved in the anti-vaccine movement.

A young Iranian refugee said, I have been locked in the same building for two years without any possibility of my release date.

Mehdi Ali of Iran said, We are desperate for freedom. I fled to Australia 15 years ago, And the immigration authorities have been holding it here for nine years. Many have also committed suicide after years of indefinite detention.

Researcher Sophie McNeil told the BBC, ‘These statistics show that there have been asylum seekers year after year Sympathy in terms of indefinite detention of refugees. How lonely Australia is among the countries. ‘

“Under international law, Immigrant detention should not be used as punishment, It should be an exceptional last resort to achieve a legitimate goal, “said Tariq al-Hashmi, the party’s secretary general. He said.

Australian government data says, The rules are also considered arbitrary and illegal by refugee law experts. Because it only applies to asylum seekers who come by sea. Most of the illegal immigrants are people who fly to the country and expire their short-term visas.


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