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On the way to your dreams


On the way to your dreams

When they are busy ruining your life on social media then you will work hard to build your life. When they want to change themselves to swap in front of others, you promise to change yourself by looking into your parents’ eyes. When they want to decorate their appearance with make-up, Then you will try to show the whole world your true form without your filter. When the rain of excuses turns into a flood, Then you can swim across the flood to them. When they laugh at your dreams when they think you are weak, Then you will think only of yourself, believing only in yourself. When they think life is too easy to have fun and hang out with friends, Then you will fight to get your dream alone in your house. When others get a little sad and put status on WhatsApp, then you will move forward with a smile on your face with a smile on your face.

When they lose and keep making excuses, you will lose again and again and learn new things and pave the way for victory. When they think of their friends as the dearest people, you will embrace your parents and show them the light of new hope. Your thoughts can make you different from everyone else. Your morale can make you stronger. Your best hope is to overcome every obstacle in your life. Don’t confuse yourself with them today, maybe they will dream like you and do something in life. But they think it’s just a dream. But for you it is not just a dream, it is a reason for you to survive. Forget every sorrow. The real way to overcome every defeat. Don’t just dream it. This dream is still in your eyes, which means you deserve it. You can, brother, don’t think like others. Now is the time to think for yourself. Build your own life like yourself. You don’t always get the chance in life, you always have to create the opportunity. You have to get yourself on the right path that there is no excuse.

There is no laziness in that path. There is only danger. At every step. But these obstacles will prove your worth. And based on that ability you will get success in your life. There are conflicts at every moment on this path, brother. That is why not everyone survives this path. But you have to survive this path today. You have to decide to go this route. Because that is the only purpose for which you were born into this world. For which you have suffered so much. By no means do I want to convey that I recommend for the mother to be inactive. Let’s get up again on the path of your dreams. If you lose, try again. Make yourself determined. You will see that at one time all the impossible will be forced to be possible.

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