What is an on page SEO article

What is an on page SEO article

Ways to write on-page SEO articles: In today’s age of information technology, almost everyone has an idea about search engine optimization or SEO. Yet those who have no idea about it, Today I will talk for them on-page SEO And How To Write An SEO Friendly Article.

 On page SEO Article

The method used to bring a particular blog post or web site to the very beginning of search results in the web browser we use, This is called SEO or search engine optimization. Today I will discuss how to make an article very easy on-page SEO. Before that let’s learn some more information about SEO. SEO or search engine optimization is what I said at the beginning of writing. Now tell me why SEO is done? By doing SEO in simple language, a blog / website is ranked in search engines.

So that it is possible to get targeted visitors or traffic to the web site. Another purpose of SEO is to make the website known to the browser users. Bloggers are usually the ones who benefit the most from doing a website SEO. Those who are currently involved in the blogging profession, By doing SEO on their blog site, Being able to earn a good amount of money by bringing a lot of traffic to the site. If we talk about the types of SEO, There are different types of SEO based on different criteria. On-page SEO is one of these types. Today’s article is about how you can easily do on-page SEO on a web site, Detailed guidelines related to that. Hope everybody on this site also had a great day! They will all benefit And you will also learn how to write an SEO friendly article.

What is on-page SEO?

Ever wondered? If you search for a topic in a web browser, why are certain websites at the top of the search results? Or has the question ever come to mind that Although some websites have good quality content, Why aren’t they at the beginning of the search results? Let’s find out what on page SEO is by looking for the answer to this question.
It usually depends on whether a website will rank in search engines The content of that web site depends on how much search engine optimized it is. On-page SEO is an SEO process that helps a website rank higher in search engines. Or optimized in the language of SEO. The main purpose of on-page SEO is to help a web site rank in search engines.

Why do on-page SEO?

Here is a small example of how important on-page SEO is in ranking a website.
Let’s say Rahim has a blog site, Where he regularly writes various articles on lifestyle. He is completely new to blogging. So having no idea about on-page SEO, He writes articles like hers and publishes them on his blog site. In this way, he has published many articles for two or three months. Rahim then noticed that despite the good quality of his articles, His website is not even close to the search results of the browser, And he is not getting the expected traffic from the website.

Can you tell me why this happened despite the good quality of content on Rahim’s website? In fact, the number of websites and good content is much higher at present So if on-page SEO doesn’t work, Creates only high quality content, They are published on the website. Then the website will never rank in search engines And it will not be possible to get the expected traffic on the website. Which has happened in the case of Rahim.

Since he uploaded the contents of his website without on-page SEO, Therefore, despite the good quality of the content he created, He did not get the expected results. Now you understand why you have to do on page SEO? By doing on page SEO on a web site, the search engine can understand what kind of content the web site has. In addition, a search engine user can understand how much the content of the website is related to the search. It can be said, On-page SEO does the work of marketing a website. Usually those who search for information in a browser, They find the information they need from the websites at the beginning of the search results.

Since on page SEO is done properly, a website is at the beginning of search results; So users can easily find out about that website. If they like the contents of the above website, they visit that website again and again. Then you understand, if you want to survive in the competition And you must do on-page SEO to increase the profile of your website! So it is important to know how to do on-page SEO.

How to do on-page SEO

On-page SEO is very important for the overall improvement of a website. So let’s find out now about how to do on-page SEO on a website.

1. Properly research and apply keywords

One of the most important ways to do on-page SEO And one of the beginning is keyword research. Some of the popular tools for keyword research are Google Keyword Planner, UberSuggest etc. Keyword research reveals what topics search engine users are most searching for. So through keyword research, you can understand what kind of content is published on the website to get a good amount of organic traffic. So do not skip this step in any way.

When researching keywords, keep in mind that in order to rank a website, the search volume of keywords has to be higher. And there is less competition. When doing keyword research, you must choose keywords with high search volume and low competition keeping this in mind and create content according to those keywords. In this case, many have a misconception.

That is, the more keywords you use in the content, the better. But it should not be done at all. Don’t use keywords in the content unnecessarily as this will make the content over optimized. Which is not good at all. Use focus keywords in content titles, introductions, main content, permalink, etc. In this way the content of the website will be properly optimized as SEO friendly content.

2. Use strategy to use title tags

Title tags are very important in on-page SEO. This is also known as page title. An idea about the content of a content is found through the title. So when tagging the title, make sure it is completely related to the content, That must be taken care of. Also keep in mind that the focused keyword of your content should be present in the title tag. Many people use big title tags in the content. It shouldn’t be, Because the title tag should not be too big in size. Give title tags using as few words as possible. Remember, an interesting title can make a website visitor more interested in your site content. So we have to be careful about this.

3. Proper use of meta descriptions

Meta descriptions play a vital role in on-page SEO. A meta description is simply a matter of highlighting the content of one’s content so that visitors can decide whether or not to read the content. Meta descriptions are usually found below the title of the content.
When writing a meta description, you must use the focus keyword to make it SEO friendly. Remember to write meta descriptions in as few words as possible so that visitors can easily understand, If they read a content, they will know about something.

4. Using header tags

A header tag is a type of HTML tag that helps to separate the headings and subheadings of a content from the original content. Suppose you are writing a content about digital marketing. What is digital marketing in this content, Why digital marketing is needed, Types of digital marketing etc. You want to use headings so that it is easy to understand what topics you will mention under any heading.

Now if you use header tags you will see that your headings are understood differently from the original content. Header tags are not directly included as a way to do on-page SEO. But this tag does not directly help in the ranking of the website but makes the content attractive to the visitors. So try to use header tags in the content.

5. Creating SEO Friendly Articles

Tell me, for whom are the website contents created by you? In a word, the answer is for those who visit the website. If the content you create is not straightforward and SEO friendly, Even if the website is ranked, the expected visitors will never be found on that website. So an essential step in doing on-page SEO is to create SEO friendly and easy to understand content. As the saying goes, content is the king. Really so. Those are SEO friendly for their website And create straightforward content. Their website easily attracts the attention of visitors And they get a lot of traffic.

Because usually those who visit different websites to know any information in the browser, They want the content of those websites to be simply sorted. So that they get the information they are looking for. So you understand the importance of creating SEO friendly and easy to understand content in the case of on page SEO. When creating SEO friendly, easy-to-understand content, keep in mind, Website content and academic writing are not the same thing. So when creating website content, use language that is easy for everyone to understand. This allows visitors to easily understand the content of the content. Many people use very difficult words in the content.

Refrain from doing this, Try to use words that are familiar to everyone in the content. Also publish the entire content on the website in small paragraphs. Use the focus keyword correctly. Lastly, use different images related to the content to make the content more attractive to the visitors. So that visitors are interested in reading it. However, in this case, you must use copyright free images. Remember, Without on-page SEO, you can’t make a profit without quality content.

6. Keep SEO friendly URLs

Keeping SEO friendly URLs is an important part of on-page SEO. In order to make the URL of a website SEO friendly, you must use the focus keyword in the URL. Also, make sure that the URL is small in size. Because small URLs in size are easy for visitors to remember. As well as the use of extra punctuation marks must be monitored. Because extra punctures sometimes cause annoyance to visitors!

7. Using image alter text

Many people do not use image alter text for content. But for those who use images in content, They must follow this step of on-page SEO. This is because users who collect information through image search by using image alter text will be able to collect information from your content. So you must use image alter text in the featured image of the content or in the image inside the content. You can also use focus keywords in this alter text.

8. Internal linking

Internal linking is a very helpful step in on-page SEO, Is when a website content is linked to other helpful content of the same type. Multiplies the chances of a website ranking. So try when publishing content on the website, To do internal linking with another content.

9. Creating a mobile friendly website

Currently a large portion of those who use websites use mobile phones for browsing.
So to do proper on-page SEO, you must make sure that your website is mobile friendly. To make a website mobile friendly, the loading speed of the site should be good, Also, make sure that the images used in the content can be loaded quickly on any device. Remember, the more mobile friendly the website, the higher the chances of ranking.

10. Content editing

The latest way to do on-page SEO on a website is to audit the content, Content audit is about whether the information used in the content of a website is accurate, Check whether the targeted traffic is coming from that content as well as whether there should be any change in the type of content. While this step does not have a direct role in on-page SEO, it does have an indirect role So whenever you publish any content on the site, Be sure to audit the content.

Basically these were the ways to do on-page SEO on a website And discuss SEO Friendly Articles. These are just some of the goal setting shareware that you can use. Ranking factor acts to get a website ranked in search engines. But it is also important to know that the whole process of on-page SEO is changeable. Because different updates can be seen in these ranking factors at different times. So you always have to have an idea about these updates.

That is all I want to say in the end:

If you want your website to get targeted visitors or traffic by ranking it in search engines, So be sure to have a detailed idea of how to do on-page SEO, along with how to write an SEO friendly article. You will see that you can benefit from your website very soon.

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