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Office four days a week, to keep employees happy


Covid-19 is going to see many changes in the next world. Like the wave in the labour market. The offer is not being made by the government and the organization to keep the workers strong. Belgium as shown.

The country’s government is offering its employees the opportunity to work four days a week. On Tuesday, Belgian Prime Minister Alexander de Crow announced the country’s new labour policy.

He says in this context: Covid-19 is forcing us to work in a more flexible way. I have discussed the matter with my responsible ministers and have come to a decision in a short time.

As a result, workers in the country will no longer be in office on Thursday. Will have the opportunity to work again from Monday. Employees will be able to keep in touch with the office without any fear during this time of holiday. Office devices can be turned off. Important information can be avoided. In this way, the boss of the office does not have to be angry.

Earlier, Spain, Iceland and Japan had earlier tried a four-day action week on a trial basis. The UAE is the first country to start implementing four working days a week from last December.

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