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Not knowing, bad comments are not right


Not knowing, bad comments are not right

At one o’clock in the night, after receiving an emergency call from the hospital, Dr. Anis left the house. A young child needs an emergency operation. It is not possible for anyone to perform this operation without Anis. On the way out of the house, Anis looked quite worried. He drove himself to the hospital. When Dr. Anis arrived at the hospital, the clock struck 1.30. At the door, Dr. Anis saw a middle-aged man with two impossibly swollen eyes. The doctor found out that the little boy lying in the operating theatre was the boy’s son. Finally seeing the doctor, The man named Hassan could no longer hold himself back. He shouted, “It’s time for you to come after all this time. How long has my son been in pain?” And this is a sample of your sense of responsibility.

Doctor Anis tried to smile a little. He lamented, I came as fast as I could. I came as fast as I could. Please calm down now so I can start my work faster. Hasan’s anger did not subside even then. He looked at the operating theatre and threatened the doctor again. What would you do if your son was in that room? He used to sit quietly. In a cold voice, Dr. Hassan said with fear, I will do as much as I can. You pray to God for the boy’s recovery. Saying this, Dr. Anis went into the operating theatre.

In the operation theatre which lasted for about three hours, Hasan was crying to Allah for his son’s recovery. On the other hand, due to the best efforts of the doctors, the operation was successful, Dr. Anis came out of the operating theatre in the morning. Mr. Hasan was near the door. He saw the doctor and ran towards him. Seeing Dr. Hasan, he said very little that his son is healthy. Even if it takes a couple more hours to regain consciousness, there is nothing to worry about. After saying this, he said goodbye to Dr. Anis Hasan and left for home. Hasan wondered why the doctor left after talking to the nurse.

He did not say why my son got this disease or how long it would take to cure it. Why is he in such a hurry? Is he absolutely ignorant of his responsibilities? Going to answer this question, the nurse’s throat became heavy. He said the doctor’s son and his wife had died in a horrific road accident last night. The body has not been buried yet. When the doctor returns home from here, the burial will start at around 8 in the morning. Hasan then seemed to be a very reckless criminal. He began to feel intense remorse in his mind. Promise yourself to be careful before reacting in the future. Anyone can be criticized at any time. But one should not always judge someone from outside. Humans are more diverse than can be seen with the naked eye. What is going on in someone’s mind since it is not understood, Therefore, everyone should have a cohesive image in their behavior.  Dear friends, we should not judge anyone from outside. That is the lesson we can learn from this story.

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