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Mask! Who is hindering your success?


Mask! Who is hindering your success?

 Ways to be successful without listening to anyone.

There was a request to read the discussion at the end. Because if you leave halfway through, the main purpose of the discussion will remain unknown to you. You will be led astray. Mask! We are all familiar with this mask thing. Through this mask, the person hides his real face and takes on a different look. Many people in our society and around us walk around wearing these masks. When you see them, when you listen to them, you will think that they want the best for you. They want you to grow up. But no they really want, the son of another, absolute joy, as much joy as he suffers. You will never understand. Because they will lead you astray with a sweet smile that will ruin your whole future. They are complete in all respects. There is nothing that they do not know. Our great men will be ashamed to see their treasures of knowledge. They care more about you than they care about their own son. Because I couldn’t do anything myself, so I won’t let you do anything. So people wearing these masks around will try to stay away from the bullets all the time. That is not to say that it is better to be a beggar in one’s own intellect than to be rich in the next intellect. Hey boss, there are so many people around you. You know? what Masks are also worn by our own people. Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aunt for me either. Maybe the one you’re in love with. Maybe you are a life partner. Even in our family we wear masks. I would say that one should not trust anyone except parents. Yes, listen to everyone, respect everyone. But try to analyse everything with your own intellect. That which is true is not right or wrong for you. I would say that in today’s age no one wants the best for anyone. Everyone wants to become a millionaire by making others beggars. There are good people I’m not denying. There are good people I’m not denying. That is so low that it is lost among the masked men. Every human being is now a perfect actor and actress. They will act in front of you in such a way that you will think that there is no better person in the world. But when the real form of these horrible people comes before you, you yourself will be amazed. But even that will not kill. Because already he left you by bus. They will have nothing to lose. So always remember the sweet words of the wicked. When someone tries to punish you better than you need to, then you must understand that there is a big average. There are people in our life who we trust a lot. To whom we value. But suddenly they change colour in such a way that even the chameleon will accept the rate. Believing in them, you arranged some plots of your life. But all of a sudden, because of the treachery of these chameleons, your dream will be shattered in a second and you will be a few steps back in life. This is how they are. They do not shy away from harming others for their own benefit. I have a lot of respect for actors and actresses. But I hate those who act in real society. Friends, today’s discussion is really a little different. You need to understand this discussion first. Because reading this discussion may make you think that you have been taught to doubt and disbelieve in people. But no, the discussion was written to make you aware. There will be some people in your life who really want the best for you. But suddenly there will be some people who will try to be a little more careful and try to check everyone in their own intellect. I wish you a happy life without water before. I still want your life to be beautiful and I want you to grow up in the future. Talk to you soon and keep up the good content. And yes don’t forget to share the discussion !!! Thanks.

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