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I’m ok without you


I’m ok without you

I’m fine without you

I believed everything you said. I would listen to whatever you said. At the end of the month, half my salary, I used to spend behind you. I used to bring whatever you said. I never let you understand my pain. Because your happiness was my happiness. Your sorrow was my sorrow. To see you I would have come to you from afar. Because you were my world, You were the edge of my happiness. The smile on your face is very precious to me. Kajal of your eyes is the greatest gift to me, Did you eat Are you asleep? Where are you coming from? What are you doing I would call and search for these things, You may think I’m bothering you. But I didn’t love you too much. That’s why I was afraid If something happens to you.

But you misunderstood me. Didn’t you know that How much this crazy boy loved you. Of course still love. But, the respect that was there before is no more. You know what happens when you say that, Ghee is not tolerated in the stomach of a dog. Your condition is the same. You did not tolerate extra love. Don’t ask if someone gets a lot. Then he doesn’t care. And that’s what you did. You shop with my money, buy dresses with my money, You’re going to meet another boy. Bought a net pack with my money, You chat with other boys. The little guy says, It can be understood by looking at you. And you don’t get an Oscar for this great talent of yours, The Nobel will be awarded. The crap girl wants to slap you, Now I want to abuse myself. My choice was so bad that I was in a relationship with a pitch like yours. It’s a shame to think so. Sometimes I go in front of the mirror and see that What is written on my forehead? Because of the way you fooled me,

No, there will be no talk, (boss).

There is nothing to be happy about. I used to believe you blindly. And because I loved extra, You made a fool of me. I was poor, I didn’t have money, I didn’t have expensive bikes, I couldn’t feed you from expensive restaurants. So you left me, didn’t you? So now listen to me, Your current boyfriend, One month’s salary, It costs more than that, To make my breakfast every day. What your boyfriend earns all year, That money costs me two days’ worth of fuel for my car. I really want to thank you today, Because if you didn’t leave, Then I would not understand my fate. If you hadn’t left me, maybe This is the place I could not come. Before I leave, let me tell you something, Got a new one in that you’re gone, More beautiful than you Keep up the good work. Forget what is going on. Look, something good is waiting for you up front.

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