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If someone insults, Answer her this way


If someone insults, Answer her this way

If you do not harm anyone. But no one is more successful than you, Seeing you makes you smile at the thought of thinking very little of you. In front of everyone you start to show your ordinary abilities, How weak are you What do you have After hearing all this, in front of five people, Keep insulting you Then don’t respond to insults at that time. If the whole body burns with anger, Then take control of it. If it hurts too much after enduring humiliation, Then take control of it. And say goodbye to him with a smile and leave. Then put all your energy into your work. Because when God wants to make a big difference in our lives, Then he sent some of his messengers to us. And those angels come and insult us with small and big words. When someone insults us, we get angry. And because of that anger we start fighting, Or else I start complaining about someone else. It is the behavior that is common to all human beings. But those successful people, Those who have the power to do great things, When someone insults them, Then they do not fight with anyone. Doesn’t complain about anyone. As they change they bring change within themselves. There are so many great people on earth, They think that whenever someone insults us, Then fighting with him, quarreling, cursing, These are very common behaviors that anyone can do. But the revenge of the insult can be taken only then, When someone makes that humiliation the purpose of his life.

If anyone sees your failure and insults you, If you succeed, you will take revenge. Do not make any insult your weakness. Make it fuel to move faster. The identity of an elephant is then found, When he started walking. The jungle is trembling and everyone around is fleeing. The identity of a lamp is then found, When it burns, the darkness escapes, and the bright light spreads all around. And a person is identified by his name. Everyone has a name, But identity is not created from name. Because like making an identity, they do nothing. The name must be found as soon as it is born. But that remains for a few people. But his name to the people of the whole world, Only a few people can reach. If you sit quietly, your name will not be created. You will rise from the ground and fly in the sky, then your identity will be created. Yes, human identity is created from name. But the real name is made from the work we do. Your war – with other people or with yourself. With his own laziness. With your own mind. With one’s own body. When you win on your own, Then the outside world will be defeated. When you start fighting, Then all your problems will be gone. Never stop, brother. The goal is achieved only after stumbling here. Many will insult you in many ways, Small and big will talk a lot. But don’t go fighting them. Don’t waste your energy fighting with them. Just make up your mind that Not by words, but by deeds, I will respond to this insult.

So from today the fights are all off, Just hard work and diligence. Because the real power struggle is not in the fight, In hard work and diligence. You never have to regret it, To work hard. Because hard work always goes with its value.

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