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Great story to control anger


Great story to control anger

A little boy was very angry. Her father gave her a bag full of nails and said that every time you get angry one by one the nails will stick in the wooden fence of our garden. On the first day, the boy had to go to the garden and put 36 nails. Within a week the boy was able to control his anger. So the number of new nails every day also gradually decreased. He realized that it was much easier to control his anger than to nail it to a wooden fence with a hammer. At last the day came when he did not have to hit a single nail. She told her father. His father told him to open the nails one by one on the days when you can control your anger completely.

Many days passed and the boy told his father one day that he had been able to remove all the nails. His father took him to the garden and saw the wooden fence and said you have done your job very well. Now you can control your anger. But look, there are still holes in every piece of wood. The wooden fence will never return to its previous position. When you get angry and say something to someone, it just strikes a chord in their mind. So learn to control your anger. Mental wounds are often worse than physical wounds.

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