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Floods and landslides kill 94 in Brazil


At least 94 people have been killed in flash floods and landslides in the Brazilian city of Petropolis.

The BBC reports that the floods and landslides in the mountainous tourist area of ​​Petropolis, north of Rio de Janeiro, occurred last Tuesday. Brazil’s National Civil Défense said in a tweet that 24 people had been rescued so far, with 94 killed. Houses have been destroyed by the strong current of the flood. Water has risen on the road. Numerous cars can be seen floating in that water.

Rio de Janeiro Governor Claudio Castro described it as a war-like situation. He said 35 people were still missing and rescue operations would continue until they were rescued.

The video, which went viral on social media, showed extensive damage to homes and vehicles. Just 3 hours of continuous rain changed the image of the tourist area. As a result, 80 houses were destroyed in the landslide. The mayor of the city has declared a state of emergency.

Visiting Russian President Jair Bolsonaro has ordered immediate relief efforts for the victims.

Scientists have blamed climate change for heavy rainfall in Brazil over the past three months.

Petropolis and its environs were also hit by floods and landslides in January 2011, killing more than 900 people.

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