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Ways to be successful without listening to anyone

What you need to do to make life better. There are two obstacles to overcome. The first is to stop listening to others. That means you don’t have to let anyone else rule in your life. And the second is to overcome one’s own weakness. When we have to do something, that means we don’t do it. When we think of doing something, that is, we do not do it. Just think then four people suddenly come forward to stop that work. And they keep saying that this thing will never be possible. Hey, these nonsense things that no one has been able to do so far, you will do it today. Now the question is what do you do in this situation. Look, you can’t shut the mouths of those who say. Or you can’t keep your ears closed. Because those people are none other than your friends, relatives, someone in your office or someone in your family. But I can’t say what you will do in this situation. I can tell you what I do. When someone says that this work will not be done by you. This is never possible. I was silent then. Do not argue or fight with them. Why do I just ask a question in a ward? Why not? Why impossible? And as soon as I do this, another feeling comes over me. 90% of people who have this have no answer as to why. So even if 90% of the people don’t have an answer to Keno, their answer is so ridiculous that you will laugh in your mind when you hear it. The remaining 10% people. Those who really have the answer. They just say it’s not possible. There are many reasons why it is impossible to do this, they also analyze  and say why they are saying such a thing.
Then I sit alone and analyze their words and I keep thanking them in my heart. Because indirectly all these people help you to go ahead of you. So it’s not that I don’t take these 10% of people very seriously and if I don’t answer them I stay. I will not stop walking if I do not get an answer.

Let me give you an example. If you think that all the signal lights on the street outside the house will be green then I will go out of the house. Tell me, will you be able to get out of the house one day? When someone comes to you and says that it is impossible to do this, it is very difficult to do this. She’s just going to tell you one thing. I can’t do this. It’s impossible for me to do this. I don’t know how to do this. So I don’t think anyone in the world can do that. If a person wants to do something big in life or wants to be something big then go in front of him and say that you can’t do it, it is impossible for you. Breaking his hopes, breaking his trust is a very unjust act, a very sinful act. Because there are many people who have only one light of hope and nothing else. On the other hand, to give someone so much courage that he will come in front of you and say whatever you want, will break your hopes, will break your trust, will weaken the strength of your mind and you will stand silently and stare at his face. . A greater injustice than that. We should not remain silent, we should not fight with anyone. Only one word should be questioned in a ward. Why? Why can’t I? You will see how they wrap their tails and run away.

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