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Do you want to finish yourself?


Do you want to finish yourself?

Today you have everything you need to qualify. To make yourself proficient. You are also helpless today to achieve your goal. Today you are feeling alone. Feeling we have ‘Run out of gas’ emotionally. Will never be able to do anything, Are you accepting it or blaming your own life? And just for that problem you are giving up working hard in life. Because you think, It only takes money to get to a big place. These are worthless to you. And that is why you are the victim of excuses today. Excuses surround you today. You have a smart phone but you have not learned how to use it properly. You have books, but you don’t have time to read. There is intelligence but it is used for arguing and worthless work.

Today you put your faith in others. Leave yourself today and make everyone happy. Today you make yourself feel high with your hairstyle and expensive clothes to brighten the face of your parents. Today, you have put your friend above your parents. Today you are spending your precious time on boyfriend and girlfriend. Today, not knowingly, you have suppressed yourself in the grip of failure. Know that the time will come when one day this mistake of yours will give your impatience your blind faith three handfuls of soil in your grave. On that day, even if you want to, you will not be able to get up again. Your excuse will win that day. Your superstition will win that day. Your mistakes and ridicule will win that day. You will cry, you will lose that day, you will not be able to pay any debt on that day. On that day you will not be alone, your parents will be proud.

Remember your boyfriend is your girlfriend for a few days. I’m not talking about the day you leave this world. I am talking about the day when you will die little by little from the living. There will be no day, no one will say beside, no one will help with laughter, no one will love. Because on that day you failed, on that day you are lonely, on that day you are completely broken. On that day, even if you are alive, you will fall into this competitive world. But one thing you do know is that your fall has already started since the day you wasted your time on Facebook Instagram by leaving books aside. The day you went out with your friends despite your parents’ permission. The day you forced your parents to ride a bike for a phone. Your fall has already begun. Now it’s up to you to stop this fall or let yourself end a little bit like this. If you like the discussion then share the discussion with the one who needs it. And stay with us to get new power flower motivation everyday. Thanks. It’s up to you.

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