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Do you feel very alone !!!


I’m Alone

Sometimes I feel alone. I don’t think anyone is with me. All the world is on one side and I am on the other side alone. That time is hard. Crying is the feeling of pain. But suddenly when I understand the reality, Then all the illusions were broken and a word came to mind, If your call is not heard, then go alone. In fact, we have to go all the way alone. We may feel that we are all alone. There are some people in the front and back. But the truth is so, The truth is that we have come to this world alone and when we leave this world we will go alone. No one will be with.
So from now on we have to get in the habit of walking alone. Then it seems to be good. I’m not talking about her being alone, Where your family is close to you people will not be your friend. I’m talking about being alone, Where your family is above you, You are not dependent on anyone, despite your social responsibilities, It is necessary to go ahead alone by holding one’s pain in front of big obstacles.

That is, do not become dependent on anyone. Then no one will be able to understand his own power. Learn to make yourself a weapon, learn to make yourself a warrior. Always be ready to handle any bad situation in life. You will see many people with you on your happy day. But those people will not be with you in the day of your sorrow. Then you will be amazed how much I was shaking with those who were with me a while ago. But a storm came and changed everything. No one else is by my side. I was left alone. Friend, this is the real thing to do alone. All the way we have to walk alone. No one will really be by your side in the day of sorrow. But not if it breaks down. You have to try to get up. Yes, I have to get up alone. Because at that time no one will answer your call. All the world will seem selfish.

Even if you think the situation is bad, this is the reality. That I am alone. And the war must continue alone. That war is called the war of life. The name of that war is the war of survival.
The name of that war is the war of success. The name of that war is the war to prove itself right. And keep fighting until you can win. From now on, whenever you feel alone, you will go straight in front of the mirror. You will see that you are not alone. The one who is ready to accompany you is you.

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