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Do not hurt anyone unknowingly

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Do not hurt anyone unknowingly

Tiffin was standing in the corridor during the school break, A little girl. The girl’s name was Jenny. She was wearing a dirty dress. There, Jenny’s classmate Jasmine suddenly appears.

Jasmine didn’t like Jenny at all. Jasmine said this girl you don’t take a bath. Your body smells bad all the time. And why is your hair so messy all the time? Jenny didn’t respond to Jasmine’s words. Just asked Jasmine to shut up. Jenny’s calmness made Jasmine even angrier. At one point he grabbed Jenny’s hair and started pulling. Began to insult. At one point Jenny got angry. He also started arguing with Jasmine. Their quarrel caught the eye of the principal. He ruled over both Jasmine and Jenny And at the end of school time he asked the two of them to meet in his office room. At the same time, he called the guardian of these two girls and asked them to come to the office. Jenny and Jasmine both entered the principal’s room. Jasmine’s mother has already arrived there. The principal told Jenny, Although I have been to your home many times, I didn’t find your parents. Give me their mobile number. Maybe they’re in the office. Jenny said my parents don’t have a mobile phone sir. And they did not go to any office. The principal said then tell me your home address. The principal said are you kidding me? What does no address mean? Jenny said we had a nice home.

My father was an engineer and my mother was a housewife. My dad died of a hard attack a few months ago. My mother and I became exhausted. Unable to pay the rent, we became homeless.

We now spend the night in that park next to the school. My mother begs and feeds me. We don’t have any good clothes. I don’t even get a chance to take a bath every day. That’s why my dress is so dirty. Jenny burst into tears as she spoke. The principal leaves his chair, stands up, and caresses Jenny. Said I’m so sorry Jenny.

Jasmine, on the other hand, was crying with grief and shame. He hugged Jenny and said, “I didn’t know there was such a big storm in your life.” Forgive me, Jenny.  From today you are my friend.
Jenny was happy to use Jasmine. But this time Jasmine wanted to be a true friend. He told his mother that we had an empty room. Can’t Jenny stay with her mother there?  And we have enough clothes to give them. Jasmine’s mother said happily, why not? Of course they can stay with us. Jasmine’s mother herself went to Jenny’s mother and took them to her own house. He said that until Jenny grows up and her mother gets a good job, they should stay at Jasmine’s house. Dear friends, it is not right to hurt someone without knowing what we have learned from this discussion. Who knows? You might be in that position today, Someone else is praying day and night for that position. Friends, how do you like this discussion? If you like it, share it with your friends.

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