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Aim that doesn’t let you sleep


Aim that doesn’t let you sleep

Exactly two years ago today, this 34-year-old man wrote a new history by running 42 km in less than two hours. Has created a world record in his own name. At the age when an athlete leaves the field, he has set a world record and explained that to be a UNR, you have to do a lot more than just think and work. If you have to be big, then be as big as the sea. So that people can go beyond six to measure your power. Friends Some people break in difficult situations and some people break records. And the whole world is inspired to see those who break records. Here 95% people come to see the world and only 5% people come to see the world. Is your dream to see nothing in the world and show something to the world? Not everyone can be successful in life. Success only comes to those who are lucky or who work hard. But sadly, not everyone is lucky and hard work is not possible for everyone.

If you dream of getting something that you haven’t been able to get until today. So today you have to do what you haven’t started yet. Remember, brother, if the problem is too big in front of you, then even greater success is waiting for you behind it. People who unite day and night forget everything for their dreams. The door of their destiny for their own goal. The door of their destiny is not closed forever. Prepare yourself to get whatever you want in life. And start doing it here. Never lose yourself in the crowd, but you must do something that will freeze the crowd. Do it not for yourself but for the people who laugh when they see you fail. And yes, you have to work hard to grow up. There is no human being in this world who has no problem in life and there is no problem here who has no solution. Because the goal is to reach it on foot no matter how far it is. Keep your thoughts high enough that people will sit and listen to your thoughts. Ants are very small animals but their determination is far from human.

Once you’ve set a goal, block their way and see if they can overtake you. Friends, it is not hot in May or hot in June. And there needs to be life in this zeal. Because there are millions of people who have never taken any big action for fear of losing. And life is full of regrets. Because they would not live in the dream or keep the dream alive inside themselves. Because they were afraid they would not lose. And the only way to overcome this fear is to end it as soon as you see it. Do not keep fear inside yourself for a long time. This means that you should forget everything and run away from the field. Two, endure everything, and one day, ascend to the sky, your choice is entirely yours.

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