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A worthy answer to my enemies?


A worthy answer to my enemies?

You hate me. I know you are scared to see my perfection. I know you’re kidding me. My dream is bigger than the sea. In that little well of yours. Goddess, how can it fit me? You are burning in my progress. But you know that excluding all these things that you can never do is you can’t break me. No, you don’t have that breath. There is no emphasis in your words. Which will suppress the voice within me. The sound of your laughter is not deep enough to put out the fire burning inside me. What are you so proud of? Brother, you have power. Yes, the power in front of which all weaknesses become small. And listen, you have the right to do everything. You do everything but never think of me as you are. None of us are the same.

There are only similarities in respiratory administration. Your story ends with money. It started with my love. Not as successful as you. I am proud of my hard work. I love people and not his work. Let time pass. I will try something that no one has ever thought of. Everything written with my love is written for you. And you doubt me. Well what do you know about me? I’ve lost more times than you have tried. I cried so much that the tears dried up. I have fought so hard that now I feel miserable. And do you think that your prayers have made me successful today? Forget it, this industry is not a slave to anyone’s hands. My writing seems to be expressed in the words of that foolish man. Yes, that’s what I pray for. And today, when you try to break me with your words, the only question I will ask is to try to look at your own side first. This is why you criticize people’s success because you are incomplete in yourself. Think of everyone as your own. Try to be like yourself. And do you think it’s your strength? True strength, he says, does not break one’s self-confidence. Rather, the real power becomes his belief in trying to reconcile broken people.

Be his voice. Get him to the top of success. As if he could stand on his feet again. And he can do whatever he wants in his own power. A true leader never criticizes or complains. Instead, extend your hand towards the one who really needs that hand. And start walking together. And maybe my voice will get weaker with the passage of time. And you will succeed in destroying him. But you know all those minds that I dreamed in my mind. In that mind I will live not only for the rest of my life but also after death. You can’t destroy me. I want to live in your mind for the rest of my life. I want to live in your mind for the rest of my life. And let my enemies know Welcome to my world. Let’s start living together. And yes, don’t forget to share the discussion with everyone.


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