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A little knowledge is terrible


A little knowledge is terrible

When Rocky’s father died, he was in great danger with his mother. Because Rocky’s father was the only earner in their family. The mother and son are almost starving. One day Rocky’s mother handed him a gold chain and said sell this gold necklace at your uncle’s jewellery store and bring some money. Rocky went to his uncle’s shop with the necklace as his mother said and told his uncle that he had come to sell the gold necklace to you. Rocky’s uncle checked the necklace and gave Rocky some money. He also returned the necklace and said that the price of gold is much lower now. You better take the garland now. If the price goes up later, I will buy the garland. Now with the money I gave you, tell your mother to run the family for now. And from tomorrow you work in my shop. Rocky went back to his mother and told her everything. The mother was very happy and sent her son to work.

Rocky then began to learn gold and silver work from his uncle. He also learned to make jewellery by watching. When Rocky learned how to make jewellery, his uncle told him to get a good price for gold and bring me your mother’s necklace. I’ll buy it. Rocky took his mother’s necklace in his hand and realized that the necklace was not really gold. He came back to his uncle and told the truth. Rocky’s uncle was very happy and said I am impressed with your honesty. I took the necklace in my hand on the first day and realized that the necklace was not made of gold. But in your hard times, if I had told you that the necklace was not gold, you and your mother would have misunderstood me and abandoned all relations with me. Besides, you didn’t realize that the necklace wasn’t really gold. That is why I have taught you the work of gold and silver. So that you can know the truth for yourself. We often misunderstand many people due to lack of adequate knowledge. But let’s not forget that not all people are good at everything. One by one people gain knowledge about one thing. So we will refrain from giving opinions about anyone without knowing the real truth.

And if I want to give, I will acquire knowledge about it first. Then we will have the right to express our views on the matter. It is better not to talk about things that I do not know enough about.  This will save you from many misunderstandings. Dear friends, how do you like this discussion? If you like it, share it with your friends in the next discussion. All will be well. Thanks.

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